Stock Radiator Offers

Add a little chic, be inspired by the finishes, and create your own lifestyle and living space with a fabulous colourful radiator, or a radiator with texture, even special metal or aluminium finishes.

Here are some tips from the professionals

A living wall is an interactive surface that engages the senses, supporting creativity, good mood and physical movement, so its important to choose the right radiator style.

From a Bathroom or  En-suite perspective, did you know that Chrome is a finish that is an Insulator, so it actually holds the heat in, and with the current T50 heat out-put regulations, this finish struggles to achieve this.

Radiators can incorporate artistic sculptures and permanent paintings, sympathetic changeable LED lighting, and can protect from dust pollution. ( See I-Radium)

Structured positioning of designer radiators aim to add auditory and visual stimulation to improve large public spaces, such as restaurants, showrooms, meeting places, Clubs and fashionable bars.

When a space needs an injection of personality & warmth, think Lifestyle, think Radiating Interiors