Retro Fit Range

Renovation in the home can be expensive, bathrooms and kitchens can be a very costly outlay at times.

Sometimes a quick effective fix or repair is required with minimal outlay, but with our DesignerWalls retro-fit range of panels you can have the best of both worlds,  repairs that last and look beautiful, or a full bathroom and kitchen makeover at a fraction of the cost.

Hotels and Commercial buildings require the same level of maintenance on a larger scale.

Now there are products new to the market, but using acrylic which has been established and proven in the bathroom sector for years, and there are two main formats.

High gloss glass effect panels in various sizes to suit variable applications, commonly used in shower cubicles, and very recently kitchen splash backs, and with seven impressive finishes, and ease of cutting makes DesignerWalls retro-fit high gloss glass effect panels very desirable for a sophisticated look.

Our 3mm tile on a sheet has already become a must have product for plumbers and builders when a repair or economic renovation in needed, easy to cut, very durable, and its a dry trade.

These products are the brainchild’s of several world wide specialist acrylic’s manufacturer’s, which will revolutionise economic bathroom and kitchen makeovers, and even become a favourite of Interior designers and shop fitters.

Soon to become the favourite tile makeover product for the DIY and tradesman alike, Designerwalls retro-fit panels are quick and easy to fit, and require minimal tools and limited skills, the panels are much lighter than tiles, in comparison to conventional tiles and wall boards, which make’s handling and transportation easier and cost effective.

Unlike tiles, these large format wall panels in acrylic only require sealing once fitted, and most installations can be fitted and sealed within the working day, and used the day after.

Moreover a DesignerWalls retrofit panel has an enviable range of finishes and designs to suit bathrooms & kitchens, commercial or domestic.

DesignerWalls retro-fit panels create in some case’s have up to 40% extra Insulation than conventional ‘standard’ tiles, and in some case’s can also reduce condensation because the Acrylic material used in the manufactured process, reduces thermal conductivity due to the surface of the panels being warm to touch.