Designer Radiators

Could this be the answer to your next feature wall project? After all, it looks very similar and the texture is very natural looking too. It’s saying all the right things and ticking all the right boxes and that’s because Designerwalls Nature is 100% natural stone product, albeit technology has played a hand in the development of this wafer thin stone wall panel.

Technology tested and developed in Europe, and using the finest stone from India’s vast natural stone quarry resources, and you have an amazing 2mm thick Designerwalls Nature Stone Veneer wall panel.

Nature Stone wall panels are delicately produced by quarrying wafer thin stone layers split directly from the surface of a huge piece of the rock face, from any of the 15 quarries used to produce our fabulous Designerwalls nature range, only then are thin layers bonded onto a specially created glass fibre substrate to create a unique decorative stone wall panel.

Technology never fails to impress us, and seeing the Designerwalls Nature panels is believing, and seeing is believing, true it sounds to good to be true, but once Nick has demonstrated the product, you will be captivated.

With a wide range of use’s, especially because its lightweight and has a high strength, tough and durable, it’s a great partner for partition walls of all description.

Designerwalls Nature, has enviable Eco credentials too, using only wafer thin layers of a natural resource to produce the wall panels, carbon footprint is also reduced because 20 panels (approx) equals 1 panel 9mm natural stone/slate, as a result transport costs per panel are reduced along with carbon emissions.

Designerwalls Nature requires low or negligible maintenance.