Accessible Design & Bathing



Accessible Bathrooms Using Universal Products and Modern Design Principles


We Create modern accessible bathrooms and showering spaces, that are functionally beautiful, creating a space that you can comfortably spend more time in, taking into consideration any multi-generational requirements, capabilities & appeal to everyone.

We believe there are 5 major considerations to prioritise in the project.

Height Considerations & Fixtures Projections 

Hazard Avoidance

Space Saving Fixtures & Fittings

Simple Maintenance & Convenience 

Simply Age Related Future Bathing Requirements


The above bath & shower combination ‘The future of Baths’ or a ‘Bath for the Future’ design doesn’t come cheaply, this is the top end of independent bathing/showering and safety, and there are many luxury spa options too, lets chat over a coffee.

Always a wall mounted toilet, this is a design must because we have the ability to fix the height to suit the client, who may need to transfer from a wheelchair etc, and also from a cleaning perspective too.

Carrera Marble-Keuco inspired Accessible shower room

Level access showering is a definite part of the design and part of the hazard avoidance principles, discussions about using different tones with tiles, or shapes can help with poorer vision for different zones like the showering area, reduces the risks of walking into glass etc, significantly reduces the risk if tripping.

Keuco Plan Care Assessible -Main-bathroom

Usage of products that have been cleverly designed for multigenerational use from the likes of ( KEUCO PLAN CARE ) making the most of the usable space, creating impressive bathrooms with elements of future proofing.

Mediteranian feel accessible showering space


So for a bathroom or shower room that is primarily an accessible design, but the finished project looks like that has been the secondary consideration, let professionals get involved.


Bathroom design idea Ceracom T0 BE ACER1A8-02-01-1024x724




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